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Surprise: Spain loses in Ukraine

Spain’s national football team surprisingly scored a 0-1 (0-0)defeat in Ukraine in the Nations League.

In the fourth place, however, the Spaniards remain in first place ahead of the German team. In third place follows Ukraine in front of the Swiss.

The Spanish dominated the match in Kiev. Despite the many possessions of the ball, the guests were only able to get a few chances of scoring. The Ukrainians defended vigorously and had little chance of countering it. But in the 76th minute of the game, Viktor Zigankow seized his chance: Dynamo Kiev’s player, who had just been traded in, scored after Andrei Jarmolenko’s preliminary work.

The Spaniards increased the pressure again after the unexpected goal. Driven by central defender Sergio Ramos, the guests pushed the Ukrainians into their own penalty area. But the hosts

‘ defenses held. Goalkeeper Georgi Bushchan showed a strong performance. Dynamo Kiev’s 26-year-old, who had scored a goal in a 1-2 defeat to Germany with a punch, distinguished himself several times.

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