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How Amazon Plans Champions League Transfers

Starting next season, the Champions League will be broadcast by streaming provider “DAZN” and shipping giant “Amazon”. As “Amazon”sports director Alex Green revealed to the “Sport Bild”, the largest online department store in the world will look for further sports broadcasting rights in the future. “We will continue to look for interesting opportunities in the sports rights market,” said the British, who stressed that “Amazon” does not feel compelled to advance into this division, however: “We never have the approach that we need to buy sports rights. We can choose where we invest.”

The fact that” Amazon”did not intensively strive for the broadcasting rights of the Bundesliga when they were advertised surprised many observers. Green explains that the Group would prefer to use its numerous divisional channels in order not to have to buy the rights themselves.

“Through our channels, where Eurosport also showed the Bundesliga, we have the opportunity to show more sports through other rightholders. This could also be an option for the Bundesliga.” In the end,” Amazon”could show even more sports without having to buy the rights.

“Amazon” working on new features

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