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Lewandowski allegedly against Lukaku transfer

Robert Lewandowski apparently follows the transfer skills of his FC Bayern very closely and does not shy away from expressing his opinion to the Munich bosses.

According to a report by “Sport Bild”, the top goalkeeper has spoken out against Romelu Lukaku’s commitment, for example. The Belgian forward star is said to have been traded as a new entrant to FC Bayern in the past, which was not to Lewandowski’s liking.

Lewandowski then sought to talk to the Munich-based managers through his management and informed them that such a competitive situation was not desirable.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge then reassured the Poles and explained that there was nothing to the rumor.

Robert Lewandowski has long enjoyed a special status since his free transfer from Borussia Dortmund to FC Bayern in the summer of 2014, his word has weight. Even though the Lukaku rumor seems to lack any basis, the club does not want to upset its attacker at all, continues “Sport Bild”.

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