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UEFA disciplinary action against Real, Barcelona and Juventus

Association turns words into action

Just over a month after plans for a Super League fell through for the time being, UEFA is taking official action against the three remaining co-founders Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin.

The association announced on Tuesday evening that disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against the three clubs. Earlier, the federation’s Ethics and Disciplinary Committee had been investigating the trio from Spain and Italy for possible breaches of UEFA’s legal framework.

In the run-up to the UEFA Congress in April, where a reform of the Champions League from 2024 onwards was decided, twelve top European clubs had announced the foundation of a Super League with potential revenues in the billions. This would be in direct competition with the Champions League. Neither the Bundesliga nor the French Ligue 1 had joined the Super League. The billion-dollar project was to be financed by a major US bank.

Nine of twelve clubs turned away for the time being

The original group consisted of the top European clubs AC Milan, FC Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, FC Chelsea, FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus Turin, FC Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

After strong protests from national leagues, associations and numerous fan groups, nine clubs gradually turned away from the project. Only the trio against whom disciplinary proceedings have now been initiated stuck to the Super League.

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