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“The absolutely wrong man for Liverpool”

Expectations were high at Liverpool when Thiago hit Anfield Road last summer. For years, the Spaniard had previously shaped the game of FC Bayern decisively. However, his first months in England did not go as planned, meanwhile harsh criticism of the precious technician is loud.

Looking back at Liverpool’s last three games, the Reds didn’t score a single goal against Newcastle (0-0), Southampton (0-1) and Manchester United (0-0).

Correctly read: A team trained by Jürgen Klopp and staffed with exceptions such as Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané has load inhibition.

What appeared surreal a few months ago is now a reality. Liverpool is currently in a small low, has slipped from the position in the sun to fourth place in the league table and is extremely difficult, especially in the offensive.According to numerous TV experts on the island, Thiago, who was supposed to cause flashes of mind, is part of the problem.

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