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Brandt: “Not the football I met”

Thanks to the already about four weeks of season preparation at club level with Borussia Dortmund, the offensive all-rounder sees itself “fully in the juice”, yet Brandt sees a big flaw in his conversation with the “kicker” before his 32nd international game. “It’s no fun playing in empty ranks. That’s not the football I met. I accept, of course, that there is no other way at the moment. But I yearn for normality.”

With Borussia in Dortmund, he has already gained impressions in front of a small backdrop. He had already liked this much better, the 24-year-old emphasized: “In our test games with BVB in Austria, we played in front of 1250 spectators. Despite the rather small number of fans, this was a completely different feeling. Finally there was feedback from the ranks again. It makes so much difference.”

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