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Ex-Salke Star: Messi should listen to his heart

In the summer, the unimaginable almost became a reality: Superstar Lionel Messi wanted to leave FC Barcelona – but ultimately remained only because the Catalans refused to leave. Nevertheless, the signs are for farewell in the near future.

Franco Di Santo would like Lionel Messi to renew his expiring contract with FC Barcelona. Di Santo thought it would be „cool“ if Messi played for a club in the Premier League or Italy. The former striker of FC Schalke 04 argued at „“ that Messi Barca should be preserved.

„But I would like to see him stay in Barcelona so that he can continue working on his legacy,“ says Di Santo. „If I were in his place, I would ignore what people say and do what my heart says. I’d do what’s best for my family and me. Perhaps this is to make Barcelona strong again. “

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